Bella kim

  • I live in Second floor on a three story building in Korea.
  • My occupation is Passionate sauropsid fan especially birds.
  • I am Passion of the honest and dislike dishonesty.
  • Bella kim

    Beware of vandals.

    March 10, 2018 by Bella kim

    Hi, Bella kim is back. First I want to warn some persistand vandaling accounts.

    • User:Barneythepurpledinosaur2017
    • User:Ashley96Nicole (In the Lion king articles but unblocked and spamming again.)
    • User:PawPatrolFan399
    • User:Anti-Nigel
    • User:Firecold licks bull balls
    • User:VERY VERY ANGRY SWAN (Spammer)
    • User:Eyegel the SEEgul
    • User:LtFantasmic (Uploding sexual images)

    I first want these severe vandals or spammer, don't continue after their block. Admins Should keep on eyes on them.

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  • Bella kim

    Warning for users

    July 15, 2014 by Bella kim

    Do not try to meet someone in the chat!

    For chat, the misbehaved person could be pretented to be nice and friendly, but she/he said to you to meet her/him, she/he can do bad things like kidnap you and cause trouble. They can lead you to the bad effected way.

    For people, they mostly use animals or pets to kidnaping others, but they can use chat.

    Like on chat, for example, User:Gorilla and User:Eagle are talking on the chat, when User:Gorilla says to User:Eagle to meet her/him (Usually use pets or animals), she/he must refuse her/him.

    Chat for you, just be a chat. Do not try to meet others in real place.

    Especially if that person is a female, you should watch her three times than males.

    Reason is I guess the spammers are usually the girls so that'…

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  • Bella kim

    Just like I requested on Rio wiki, I'm planning for asking the Message Wall replacing our talk page like Rio, Disney fanon and Team Umizoomi wiki.

    Please be HONEST yourself and make sure do not change your mind.

    Current Poll

    Change to message wall? Talk page is better. Message wall is better.

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