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aka Borgy

  • I live in The Philippines
  • I was born on April 11
  • My occupation is Student, Amateur Web Designer
  • I am A Zoroark in disguise
  • ANightDazingZoroark

    OK, so before anything, I was quite inactive for sometime, yet again I`m back.

    So bad news, Wikia announced that verbatim will be removed on November 2 this year. Seriously, the reason why they`re doing this is because of security issues. Click here for more info. 

    Now what will happen to the Daily Challenge on the main page?! The Facebook badge from Rovio?! Certainly they`re powered by HTML, and let`s just deal with the change.

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  • ANightDazingZoroark


    August 27, 2015 by ANightDazingZoroark

    Ok then. With only 33 edits and 2 blogs made on this wiki, I`m deciding that I`m leaving. The reason why is that I am busy working on another wiki. Still, I may return someday. Goodbye............

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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    OK now, whenever I would check a page involving the animated series of Angry Birds Stella with an incomplete or empty plot, I had to change them. But there`s still more, and I don`t like it. I hope their plots will be finished by either me or another user in the future.

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  • ANightDazingZoroark

    It`s been a while I have`nt logged on to this wiki, yet now, I`m back :-(

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