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Bp101697 March 31, 2014 User blog:Bp101697

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Episode number 4
Levels 34
New features Birds:
Orange bird space
Fat pig
Released May 31, 2012
Game(s) Abs icon
Previous Next
Fry Me to the Moon Red Planet

I have a new idea for episode infobox. I can't edit the old one because it is locked, so I create the new one. It has new parameters are: background, image, banner, episode, new, next, previous, game, released and levels.

About parameters:

background= background color
image= picture of episode
banner= banner for this episode (It is unneeded parameter.)
episode= episode number
new= new features (Features which are introduced in this episode.)
next= next episode
previous= previous episode
game= This episode is in Angry Birds ... game
released= released date
levels= amount of levels in this episode

New parameter:txtcolor = text color

Do you like this new infobox? Please comment below.

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