OK, I would like to adress. THIS. IS. NOT. FOR. FANDOM! I'm not the only one who hates dealing with the badly made fan articles. Find or create an angry birds fandom wiki if you want to post your fandom so you can share it with the world if you want to so badly! But no, you think that can't be done, so you mindlessly post fandom here instead! I mean, there is no proof from rovio they're making above and beyond next, there will be a pink bird, they're making a angry birds movie, there will be an purple angry bird release in future stages of mine and dine, and I could go ON! Also, "Angry Birds Extinction" MUST. GO. NOW. it has nothing to do with angry birds and it is a stupid idea, as well as the fact ROVIO WOULDN'T DO THIS, ONLY A SICK MINDED FANBOY/FANGIRL WOULD. So please, we either need admins, or to lead all fandom pages to a fandom wiki. That is our only way we can deal with this. This is camwoodstock, out from this blog post.

Camwoodstock 20:36, July 11, 2011 (UTC)

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