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  • My occupation is Makin' bacon.
  • I am not you.
  • Candhfan621

    Hey birds! Wuzzap? I am starting a new contest here on Angry Birds Wiki! What you have to do is this: Just dress up Red Bird, Blue Bird, Terrance or Tyler in a fancy out fit and you will be entered (If it is female, give it a tutu or someting)! Please submit your your picture into my message board and you will have a chance to win a little something. Just don't make it innapropriate or you gonna have to kiss your chances of winning good bye, farewell, Asta La Vista! Enter now! Remember, I am going to pick a number of birds each week. Say there are 100 entrys. I would pick 50 of them once the week is over. The next week I would pick 25 of them. Then, I would pick 12. This would keep on going until we are down to the final two surviving enteā€¦

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