Hey birds! Wuzzap? I am starting a new contest here on Angry Birds Wiki! What you have to do is this: Just dress up Red Bird, Blue Bird, Terrance or Tyler in a fancy out fit and you will be entered (If it is female, give it a tutu or someting)! Please submit your your picture into my message board and you will have a chance to win a little something. Just don't make it innapropriate or you gonna have to kiss your chances of winning good bye, farewell, Asta La Vista! Enter now! Remember, I am going to pick a number of birds each week. Say there are 100 entrys. I would pick 50 of them once the week is over. The next week I would pick 25 of them. Then, I would pick 12. This would keep on going until we are down to the final two surviving enterys. Then, those who did not enter, or did enter but did not make the cut, would vote the one they think would have a better chance a winning. Then, I would tally up the votes to find out who would win. Which will exactly happen in this very contest. Soon the one who gets the most votes will win the contest and the prize. Remember, I will only except 100 entrys for this contest. So, enter soon!!! Don't worry if you either weren't able to enter the contest because of the limit, or you just don't make it to the finalists. I could be making a new contest soon. I have a good taste in things and I will choose the entrys wisely. Have fun and cross your fingers!

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