Angry Birds Levels: Origanol

9. My Fair Goalie

10. The Egg-Vengers

11. Pig-Coming!!!

12. Camp Egg Snatch

13. Curse Of Pig Tutt

14. The Spy King Pig

15. Ah, Pit In The Pig

16. Bacon Preformence


13. Salsa Festival (Siberian Dancing Festival, May 2012)

14. Golden Egg Hunt (Easter, June 2012)

15. It's The White Nights (Russian White Nights, June 2012)

16. Firework Palooza (4th Of july, July 2012)

17. The Olympics (Greek Olympics, July 2012)

18. Farming Ham (Incan Farming Season, July 2012)

19. It's Pork Fu Time (Japenesse Martials Arts Seasons, August 2012)

20. Texas Showdown (Western Battle, August 2012)

21. Year Of Donkey Mayham (Introducing The Mighty Donkey, August 2012)

22. New Years Eggs (New Years Eve, December 2012)



i can work on the others later.

Angry Birds: The Bird Wars


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