aka TheGamersUnleashed

  • I live in in a house. no duh
  • I was born on April 21
  • My occupation is trying to find a custom profile pic that fits
  • I am extremely salty because the admins deleted the forums
  • CookieCookieNomNom

    Sorry for not contributing so long. But like Qaz and a few others, I have somewhere else to be. (Sorry if that last sentence didn't make sense.) I have devoted my wikia life to MCPE Wiki, so sorry guys. But rarely I will be active, so don't panic. You'll always see me every now and then. But as I said, I am not stepping down.


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  • CookieCookieNomNom

    There has been some commotion on the Wikipedia about an...wait for it...Angry Birds film! It is scheduled to be released in 2016 and all birds have legs :/. Write in the comments about what you think the Angry Birds movie will be like!

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  • CookieCookieNomNom

    I will be inactive for a few days due to leaving behind many other of my favourite wikis, such as The Impossible Quiz Wiki, FNaF Wiki, etc., How about leaving a message on my wall when Angry Birds Under Pigstruction is released in iOS in Australia.


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