A Glass of Angry Birds Diamond

A Finnish brewery- and soft drink industry Company Olvi has released new Angry Birds soft drinks series. The series includes eight different drinks with different flavours, five of the drinks are stored in cans, two of the drinks are stored in plastic bottles, and one in both. The first two of them released in 2012 February, continuing with third in March and fourth in Summer. The fifth can is released by Estonian brewery A. Le Coq. In March 2013, Olvi released the sixth can. The 2 big plastic bottles released in this year's January. The first is named Angry Birds Tropic with tropic fruit flavours and the Red Bird as its mascot. Second is named Angry Birds Paradise with flavors of Pineapple and mandarin, and the Yellow Bird as its mascot. The third is named Angry Birds Lagoon with flavors of Apple and pear, and the Pig as its mascot. The exclusive fourth can is named Angry Birds Comet with flavors of Cola and orange, with the Black Bird from Angry Birds Space as its mascot, and this drink is exclusive to Angry Birds Space. The fifth can is Special Version of Angry Birds Tropic, named Angry Birds Tropic Cola, it is same as Tropic but is also flavored with Cola, this drink is also available in a plastic bottle. Sixth is named Angry Birds Amazon with lemon flavor, and the Green Bird as its mascot. The two big plastic bottles were released later, and the bottle version of Angry BirdsTropic Cola also. The first of three plastic bottles is pink, and it is named Angry Birds Diamond with raspberry flavor, and the Pink Bird, stella as its mascot. The second bottle is orange colored, named Angry Birds Sunrise, with flavor of mandarin and the Orange Bird as its mascot. The third is bottle version of Angry Birds Tropic Cola. See the pictures below.



Plastic Bottles

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I have tasted them all!

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