A popular Finnish candy and bakery Company, Fazer has produced new Angry Birds candies and chewing gums. There is two different pouches of Angry Birds winegums, three different Angry Birds lollipops and two different pouches of Angry Birds chewing gums. The pouches of winegums consist of little candies that are different colored and -flavored. The first bag which consist of Angry Birds shaped candies is flavored with strawberry, lime, orange, cola, lemon, wild berries and the packet's mascot is the Red Bird. The another one, which consist of Pigs, building blocks & eggs, is flavored wtith apple, pear, lemon, passion and pineapple (the eggs are sugar-coated with caramel in the inside) and the packet's mascot is the Pig. The three lollipops are flavored with strawberry (Red Bird), pear (Pig) and cola (Black Bird). Both of the chewing gums are xylitol. The first pouch of chewing gum is flavored with strawberry and eucalyptus and its mascot is the Red Bird. The another pouch of chewing gums is flavored with spearmint and pear, and its mascot is the Pig.


Chewing Gums



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I have tasted them all!

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