A Finnish family bussiness of coffee and cocoa, Paulig has released whole new coffee series with the theme of Angry Birds. The series includes two different flavours and three different packagings. The small packagings consist of minced coffee beans and the big package consist of non-minced coffee beans. The first package is named Early Bird Coffee, its mascot is Red Bird, and it is notmal flavored morning coffee. The another small package is named Explosive Espresso, its  mascot is Black Bird and it is hot flavored espresso coffee. The third and most big package is also named Explosive Espresso, it includes hot flavored coffee beans and its mascots are Black Bird and the Pig.

Video (In English)

Paulig Angry Birds -- Where's My Morning Coffee?00:42

Paulig Angry Birds -- Where's My Morning Coffee?


Promotional pictures

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I have tasted them all!

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