An idea I had for The Angry Birds:Just Dance.What if Ubisoft and Rovio team up to make this game.


The game is a spin-off of the Just Dance franchise (Mostly Just Dance 4 for the Versus songs) when you dance as the Flock and the Bad Piggies like Red,Chuck,Matt Tilda,Jay,Jake,Jim,Bomb,Hal,Terence,Bubbles,Stella,Female Red,Matilda,Large Pig,Corporal Pig,Foreman Pig,Freckled,Fat Pig, and the King Pig.You can also play as Elite and Master Pig.The game will be rated T for Teen by the ESRB in the United States for Comic Mischeif,Intense Violence,Sexual References,Strong Lyrics,C by the CERO in Japan for Violence,Use of Drugs,and Language and 12 by the PEGI for Violence and Bad Language and take place in 3-star walkthroughs without the pause button,the Mighty Eagle button,the level complete screen,the level failed screen,the score,and the high score.It will release 1 day after The Angry Birds 3: Elite's Revenge releases in theatres

Songs,Characters,and Levels


Song Name-Artist (Bad Piggy/Angry Bird (if there's one),Location)

1.Bug Hunt (Noisia Remix) -Skrillex (Red,Theme 2-15) [1]

2.Gentleman -PSY (Chuck,Theme 3-21) [2]

3.Bulletproof -La Roux (Matt Tilda/King Pig,Theme 1-1) [3]

4.Megalomaniac (from Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) -KMFDM (Chuck/Matt Tilda/Corporal Pig,Theme 2-3) [4]

5.In For The Kill - La Roux (Matt Tilda/Bomb,Theme 4-2) [5]

6.When Can I See You Again? (from Wreck-It Ralph) -Owl City (Matt Tilda/Jay/Freckled/Red,Theme 2-1) [6]

7.Dare To Be Stupid -Weird "Al" Yankovic (Freckled,Theme 3-4) [7]

8.thatPOWER ft.Justin Bieber (Female Red/Matt Tilda/Freckled/Matilda 2 ( singing only) Holographic Red (Justin Beiber singing only),Theme 2-2) [8]

9.Gangnam Style -PSY (Matt Tilda/Hal/Stella,Theme 3-6) [9]

10.Scream and Shout ft.Britney Spears (Matt Tilda/Matilda,Theme 5-15) [10]

11.Don't Stop The Party -Pitbull ft.TJR (Jay/Jake/Jim,Theme 8-4) [11]

12. (Japan) Sugar Rush (from Wreck-It Ralph) -AKB48 (Stella/Matilda/Female Red/Female Pig,Theme 2-7,Japanese version only) [12]

12. (North America and Europe) Starships -Nicki Minaj (Stella/Matilda/Female Red,Theme 2-7,North American and European versions only) [13]

13.Beauty and a Beat -Justin Beiber ft. Nicki Minaj (Bubbles/Large Pig/Terence,Theme 6-7) [14]

14.Feel This Moment -Pitbull ft. Christina Aguilera (Matt Tilda/Female Red,Theme 9-2) [15]

15.Daylight -Maroon 5 (Red/Freckled/Matt Tilda/Jake,Theme 2-6) [16]

16.Kill EVERYBODY -Skrillex (Hal/King Pig,Theme 12-12) [17]

17.Thrift Shop -Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft.Wanz (Red/Chuck,Theme 14-14) [18]

18.Ghosts N Stuff -Deadmau5 (Red/Corporal Pig,Theme 12-12) [19]

19.Battle Finale (From Iron Man 3) -Brain Tyler (Red/Chuck/Bomb/Bubbles vs.King Pig/Corporal Pig/Foreman Pig/Large Pig,Theme 5-19) [20]

20.Suit & Tie -Justin Timberlake (Red/Chuck,Theme 4-2) [21]

21.Locked Out of Heaven -Bruno Mars (Red,Theme 3-7) [22]

22.Cups (Pitch Perfect's "When I'm Gone") -Anna Kendrick (Stella,Theme 3-2) [23]

23.Treasure -Bruno Mars (Freckled,Theme 1-8) [24]

24.The Way -Ariana Grande ft. Mac Miller (Female Red/Red,Theme 3-2) [25]

25.Let Me Love You (Until You Learn To Love Yourself) -Ne-Yo (Hal,Theme 3-3) [26]

26.Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You) -Kelly Clarkson (Matilda/Female Red,Theme 2-10) [27]

27.Derezzed (From Tron Legacy) -Daft Punk (Red vs. Corporal Pig,Theme 2-1 on the Tron Grid) [28]

28.Y.M.C.A (From Despicable Me 2) -The Minions (Matt Tilda/Freckled,Theme 2-2) [29]

29.Blurred Lines -Robin Thicke ft. T.I and Pharrell Williams (Red/Freckled,Theme 2-1) [30]

30.I Love It -Icona Pop ft. Charli XCX (Female Pig/Stella,Theme 3-2) [31]

31.To Fight Monsters,We Created Monsters (From Pacific Rim) -Ramin Djawadi (Red vs. King Pig,Theme 2-1) [32]

32.Right Round -Flo Rida ft. Ke$ha (Red/Chuck/Bomb/Matt Tilda/Hal/Bubbles/Freckled,Theme 2-19) [33]

33.Somebody That I Used To Know -Gotye ft.Kimbra (Chuck/Female Red,Theme 2-1) [34]

34.Good Time -Owl City ft. Carly Rae Jepsen (Red/Stella,Piglantis Theme 2-1) [35]

35.Harder,Better,Faster,Stronger -Daft Punk (Red/Matt Tilda/Chuck/Hal,Theme 2-5) [36]

36.Safe and Sound -Capital Cities (Red/Freckled/Matt Tilda,Theme 2-17) [37]

37.Musical Doodle (From Spongebob) -The Sonars ft. Spongebob SquarePants (Freckled,Theme 3-4) [38]

38.I Like Chopin -Gazebo (Freckled/Red,Theme 2-8) [39]

39.Clarity -Zedd ft. Foxes (Elite/Matt Tilda vs. King Pig,Theme 4-3) [40]

40.The Other Side -Jason Derulo (Freckled/Red,Theme 6-12) [41]

41.Heart Attack -Demi Lovato ([w:c:angrybirdsfanon:Elite|Elite]] vs. Master Pig,Theme 2-6) [42]

42.Bang Bang (From The Great Gatsby) (Elite/Freckled/Red/Matt Tilda,Theme 5-6 in Black and White) [43]

43.The Fox (What Does The Fox Say?) -Ylvis (Freckled/Red/Elite,Theme 5-3) [44]

44.T.H.E. (The Hardest Ever) ft. Mick Jagger and Jennifer Lopez (Elite/Red/Matt Tilda,Theme 5-6) [45]

45.My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark (Light Em Up) -Fall Out Boy (Elite vs. Ultron Pig,Mandalay Bird) [46]

46.Play Hard -David Guetta ft. Ne-Yo and Akon (Red/Elite,Theme 3-21) [47]

47.Work Bitch -Britney Spears (Elite,Theme 4-9) [48]

48.Gas Pedal -Sage the Gemini ft. IAmSu (Elite,Theme 3-7) [49]

49.Alone Together -Fall Out Boy (Elite,Theme 6-10) [50]

Unlockable Songs

In For The Kill and Gentleman vs. Sugar Rush and Dare To Be Stupid -La Roux and PSY Vs. AKB48 and Weird "Al" Yankovic (Matt Tilda/Chuck Vs.King Pig/Corporal Pig,Theme 3-21) Unlock by getting 23 stars total.(all versions)

Call Me Maybe -Carly Rae Jepsen (Stella,Back to School Theme 1-5) Unlock by getting the "You're good at laying eggs" achievement  which is that you have to get 5 stars in Bulletproof which also unlocks the "This Time Piggy I'll be" and "Call Stella Maybe" achievements. (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions only) For the Wii version,Get 4 or 5 stars on Starships. [51]

One More Night -Maroon 5 (Foreman Pig/Bubbles,Theme 3-6) Get 5 stars on In For the Kill (All versions). [52]

Bulletproof and Gangnam Style vs. Megalomaniac - La Roux and PSY vs. KMFDM (Red/Stella vs. Corporal Pig,Theme 9-3) Dance to Bulletproof,Gangnam Style, and Megalomanic 1 time each (All versions).

Shoot to Thrill -AC/DC (Bomb,Red,Theme 4-7) Unlock by getting 50 stars total (all versions)  [53]

Back in Black - AC/DC (Bomb,Theme 7-7) Get all 5 stars in Shoot to Thrill (all versions) [54]

Lights - Ellie Goulding (Female Red,Theme 6-9) Get 5 stars on One More Night (all versions) [55]

Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men (Jim/Freckled/Female Red/Red,Theme 9-5) Get 5 stars on Lights (all versions). [56]

Fat - Weird Al Yankovic (Fat Pig,Theme 18-1) Get 5 stars in Dare To Be Stupid (all versions). [57]

In For The Kill (Kanye West remix) -La Roux ft. Kayne West (Red/Female Red,Theme 10-15) Get 5 stars on In For The Kill which also unlocks One More Night (all versions) [58]

Skrillex vs. Mozart (extended,instrumental) vs.Gentleman and Bulletproof -Epic Rap Battles Of History vs. PSY and La Roux (Red/Matt Tilda vs. Corporal Pig,Theme 12-11) Unlock by getting the "Very Angry Bird" acheivement which that you have to get 5 stars on In For The Kill (Kayne West remix) (Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 versions only) On the Wii version,Get 5 stars in Back in Black.

Get Lucky -Daft Punk ft.Pharrell Williams (Red/Hal/Matt Tilda,Theme 8-10) Unlock by getting 5 stars on Skrillex vs. Mozart vs. Gentleman and Bulletproof (all versions) [59]

Can't Hold Us -Macklemore and Ryan Lewis ft. Ray Dalton (Red/Elite,Theme 14-14) Get 5 stars on Little Talks (all versions) [60]

Rock My Emotions -Kitsune^2 (Freckled,Theme 3-2) Move Terence 19 times in one song of Beauty and a Beat (all versions) [61]

Gangnam Style and 2 Legit 2 Quit -PSY ft. MC Hammer (Red/Hal/Matt Tilda/Chuck/Freckled/Bomb/King Pig/Jay,Jake,and Jim/Terence/Bubbles/Stella/Foreman Pig/Corporal Pig/Fat Pig/Large Pig/Elite/Master Pig,Theme 3-21) Dance to Gangnam Style 3 times without quitting (all versions) [62]

Crazy Kids -Ke$ha ft. (Red/Female Red,Theme 4-5) Get 5 Stars on Bang Bang (all versions) [63]

Exclusive Songs

Rock N' Roll (Will Take You To The Mountain) -Skrillex (Terence/Matt Tilda/Red/Freckled,Theme 5-6) (Target stores only.) [64]

Blue (Da Ba Dee) -Eiffel 65 (Jay/Jake/Jim/Pig in a Blue Bird Costume,Theme 6-4) (Walmart stores only) [65]

Skrillex vs. Mozart (extended,instrumental) -Epic Rap Battles Of History (Red/King Pig,Theme 15-5) (Best Buy stores only) [66]

Just Give Me a Reason -P!nk ft. Nate Ruess (Stella,Theme 3-4) (Gamestop stores only.Also found when preordering the game in Gamestop) [67]

Set Fire to the Rain -Adele (Matilda,Theme 5-3 in fire and rain) (Walmart stores only along with Blue (Da Ba Dee)) [68]

Firework -Katy Perry (Stella,Theme 6-2) (Target stores only) [69]

On the Floor -Jennifer Lopez ft. Pitbull (Female Red,Theme 2-1) (Best Buy stores only) [70]

Another Irish Drinking Song (From Despicable Me 2) -The Minions (Matt Tilda,Theme 1-1) (Credits in all versions only) [71]

Helping Twilight WIn the Crown (Aviators Remix) (From Equestria Girls) -Daniel Ingram (Stella,Theme 2-15) (Grand Prize for 1,000 winners while seeing references of MLP in The Angry Birds In Vegas in the "MLP in Angry Birds In Vegas Sweepstakes") [72]

This is Halloween (Nightmare Before Christmas Dubstep Remix) -Figure (Red/Elite vs. Corporal Pig,Ham'o'ween 1-1) (Grand Prize for Angry Birds Halloween Sweepstakes) [73]

Feelin' Myself -will.i,am ft. Miley Cyrus,French Montana,and Wiz Khalifa (Elite/Red/(Matilda/Hal,Theme 1-21) (Walmart stores only along with Set Fire To The Rain and Blue (Da Ba Dee) [74]


Roar -Katy Perry (Female Red,Rio Theme 4-15) Free Download [75]

Mirrors -Justin Timberlake (Red,Theme 6-10) $2.99 for PS3,PS4,Xbox One,Wii U's Nintendo eShop,and Xbox 360 and 4,000 Wii Points for the Wii [76]

21 Guns -Green Day (Elite,Theme 3-2) $4.99 for PS3,PS4,Xbox One,Wii U's Nintendo eShop, and Xbox 360 and 5,000 Wii Points for the Wii [77]

Wake Me Up -Avicii (Freckled,Theme 3-7) Free Download [78]

Wrecking Ball -Miley Cyrus (Elite/Red,Theme 4-7) Free Download [79]

Rap God -Eminem (Elite,Theme 23-8) $7.00 for PS3,PS4,Xbox One,Wii U's Nintendo eShop, and Xbox 360 and 10,000 Wii Points for the Wii [80]

Bass Down Low -Dev ft. The Cataracs (Elite,Theme 23-6) Free Download [81]

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