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Angry Birds: Just Dance 2

An idea I had for The Angry Birds:Just Dance 2.


The game is another spin-off of the Just Dance franchise (Mostly Just Dance 4 for the Versus songs) when you dance as the Flock and the Bad Piggies like Red,Chuck,Matt Tilda,Jay,Jake,Jim,Bomb,Hal,Terence,Bubbles,Stella,Female Red,Matilda,Large Pig,Corporal Pig,Foreman Pig,Freckled,Fat Pig,King Pig,Johnny Pigdestroyer,Master Pig,Ultra Master Pig and Johnny's sister, Birdmantha. The game will be rated T for Teen by the ESRB in the United States for Comic Mischief,Intense Violence,Sexual References, and Strong Lyrics,12 by the GRB for Violence and Language,and B by the CERO for Love/Romace,Violence, and Language or other and take place in 3-star walkthroughs without the pause button,the Mighty Eagle button,the level complete screen,the level failed screen,the score,and the high score.

Songs,Characters,and Levels


Song Name-Artist (Bad Piggy/Angry Bird (if there's one),Location)

1.Let It Go (End Credits version) (from Frozen) -Demi Lovato (Matilda/Birdmantha,Theme 3-7) [1]

2.Let It Go (from Frozen) -Idina Menzel (Female Red/Stella,Arctic Eggspedition 1-5) [2]

3.Do I Wanna Know? -Arctic Monkeys (Johnny Pigdestroyer,Theme 3-10) [3]

4.Neon Lights -Demi Lovato (Female Red,Theme 5-10) [4]

5.Dark Horse -Katy Perry ft. Juicy J (Birdmantha/Red,Theme 10-12) [5]

6.Red Nose -Sage the Gemini (Johnny Pigdestroyer,Theme 15-12) [6]

7.Demons -Imagine Dragons (Johnny Pigdestroyer/Birdmantha,Theme 17-14) [7]

8.The Monster -Eminem ft. Rihanna (Johnny Pigdestroyer/Birdmantha,Theme 5-19) [8]

9.Burn -Ellie Goulding (Stella,Theme 14-14) [9]

10.Happy (from Despicable Me 2) -Pharrell Williams (Freckled,Theme 19-12)[10]

11.Hey Brother -Avicii ft. Dan Tyminski (Chuck,Theme 19-14) [11]

12.Team -Lorde (Birdmantha,Theme 20-14) [12]

13.Everything Is Awesome (from The Lego Movie) -Tegan and Sara ft. The Lonely Island (Hal,Theme 3-7) [13]

14.Troublemaker -Olly Murs ft. Flo Rida (Ultron Pig/Ultra Master Pig,Theme 23-8) [14]

15.Summertime Sadness (Cedric Gervais Remix) -Lana Del Rey ft Cedric Gervais (Jay,Jake,and Jim,Theme 19-10) [15]

16.Counting Stars -OneRepublic (Bomb/Terence/Bubbles,Theme 1-1) [16]

17.Timber -Pitbull ft. Ke$ha (Red,Theme 19-12) [17]

18.Pompeii -Bastille (Freckled/Johnny Pigdestroyer,Theme 19-13) [18]

19 Love Me Again -John Newman (Red,Theme 19-14) [19]

20.(North Korea and South Korea) I Am the Best -2NE1 (Female Red in anime form,Theme 3-21) [20]

20.(North America and Europe) Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (From Frozen) -Kristen Bell,Agatha Lee Monn and Katie Lopez (Female Red,Theme 3-5) [21]

21.G.U.Y -Lady Gaga (Willow/Stella/Gale,Theme 26-1) [22]

22.Invincible -Borgeous (Bubbles/Chuck/Poppy/Hal,Theme 17-4) [23]

23.Instant Crush -Daft Punk ft. Julian Casablancas (Terence/Foreman Pig,Theme 3-12) [24]

24.Kiss You Parody -Bart Baker (Freckled,Theme 6-3 in weird form) [25]

25.Fancy -Iggy Azalea ft. Charli XCX (Matilda/Female Red,Theme 4-3) [26]

26. (North America and Japan) World is Mine -Hatsune Miku (Female Red/Hatsune Miku Bird/Red, Las Redgas) [27]

27. (North America and Japan) Ievan Polkka -Hatsune Miku (Hatsune Miku Bird,Theme 12-8) [28]

Unlockable Songs

Let It Go -Idina Menzel vs. Demi Lovato (Red vs. Corporal Pig,Theme 10-11) Dance to both versions of Let It Go with 5 Stars each (all versions)

Applause -Lady Gaga (Birdmantha/Matilda,Theme 2-2) Unlock by getting the New Recruit" achievement when you have to dance to Timber and Summertime Sadness Xbox One,PS4,Xbox 360,and PS3 only) Dance to Timber with 5 Stars (Wii U and Wii only) [29]

Let It Go (Armin van Buuren Remix) -Idina Menzel (Birdmantha,Theme 4-2) Get 5 stars on the Idina Menzel version of Let It Go (all versions) [30]

Fancy Parody -Bart Baker ft. Alex Farnham (Freckled,Theme 4-10 in weird form) Get 5 stars on the regular Fancy (all versions) [31]

Moon Pride (from Sailor Moon Crystal) -Momoiro Clover Z (Female Red/Birdmantha,Theme 21-10) Get 5 stars on Ievan Polkka (all versions) [32]

Moonlight Densetsu (from Sailor Moon S and Super S) -Moon Lips (Birdmantha/Matilda,Theme 3-2) Get 5 stars on the original Moonlight Densetsu (North America and Japan only) [33]

Eternal Eternity (from Sailor Moon Crystal) -Junko Minagawa ft. Sayaka Ohara (Birdmantha/Red/Gale/Willow,Theme 23-1) After Moon Pride,find the location of the song and select it in a variety of ways:

Hover your hand over it and wait for 2 seconds (Xbox One and PS4 only)

Select it with the Wii U GamePad (Wii U only)

After you found it, a sample of the song plays with the same dancers of Moon Pride,just with a different background [34]

Exclusive Songs

Brave -Sara Barellies (Female Red,Theme 4-9) Walmart stores only [35]

Moonlight Densetsu (from Sailor Moon) -Dali (Female Red,Las Redgas) North American and Japanese stores only [36]


Turn Down For What -DJ Snake ft. Lil Jon (Johnny Pigdestroyer,Theme 3-12) Free Download [37]

Anaconda -Nicki Minaj (Evil Gale/Ultra Master Pig/Ghost of Ultron Pig/Ghost of Foreman Pig,Theme 2-1) Free Download [38]

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