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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    I'm not Leaving anymore, i just finished undoing the biggest Vandalism i've ever had to. some Wikia Contrib had the Brain to add Perverted things to the "Mine and Dine" Page.. and this Wiki contrib isn't Nocturnal! if Perverts like him/her come right under the nose of our Admins (no offense, but you weren't on to stop him), i'm sure this wiki would Burn to the Ground fast! 13 year olds shouldn't know about those icky words he put in the Mine and Dine Article. so here is my official Decision, i will contribute to BOTH wikis!

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    i know you guys have been saying "Stay!" but my time on this wiki is finally coming to an end, as people slowly seep into my wiki, and we're up to 100% in being full-blown, i would rather leave here than abandon my wiki like the Admin of this wiki did. i know you guys are also fullblown, but that wasn't because of the founder, it was because of the admins. my wiki is fullblown because of me AND my Admins, i could have never hired a greater wiki staff. and i have so much to say there, and so little to Edit here. i have unfinished stories waiting for me! so Angry Birds Wiki, Sayonara! it's been great knowing the Admins, and meeting new People.


    Signed, D.E.J. 13:59, May 4, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    as the Title Suggests, i'm actually quite Mad. SHREV IS LEAVING!! my WORST NIGHTMARE. plus, there was a Recent Vandalism to my Profile Page. i might leave too, but i don't Want to! this is my homewiki. it's where i first began my Wiki Life. tell me whether i should leave or stay.

    Signed, D.E.J. 23:11, April 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    Pig Names

    April 15, 2012 by Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    you see, i have Names for all the Different Pigs. here are some

    *King Pig: King Pigram
    • Small Pig: Pigwilliam
    • Medium Pig: Picese
    • Helmet Pig:Harvy
    • Moustache Pig:Pigroni
    • Postman Pig: Paul Post
    • Female Pig: Fiona

    i know, Wacky. i thought these up a LONG time ago

    original here were their Names

    • Queen Piglessette (i Didn't know she was a he then)
    • none
    • none
    • none
    • Arnold Pigram (Queen Piglessette's Husband)
    • None
    • None

    Yes, i Admit, i didn't name most of the Pigs because i Didn't Know they Existed.

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  • Daniel T. Goggle Bird

    Many of you have Been saying the Eggs are Bombs, well i have Something to say to You Fools, They are Real, PROVEN by the Hogs and Kisses Cutscene, no matter how many times you say it, THEY ARE NOT BOMBS. and also Proven by the Angry Birds RIO Trailer. Fools who believe the Eggs are Fake are such Idiots, Look Closely at The original Trailer. if they Were Bombs, why are the Birds offering Grass to them, and why Does the King Pig take them? if they Were Bombs, the Birds would just Wait for the Eggs to Explode instead of go and Retrieve them.

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