I recently played YOTD (my abbreviation For Year Of The Dragon.) And saw an eye icon, this confused me, i had NOT payed for the mighty eagle. so i tapped the icon and threw the "koi" To the nearest structure and saw a dragon fly onto my screen, It was Then My Confusion turned to glee! You DIDN'T Have to pay for mighty

The mighty Dragon is Here!

To get access to the dragon! I also noticed my so called " King Pigram" Was a Different Pig, An Emporer To china i presume? But anyway, i noticed The dragon crawling through the letters, and in the credits with another "koi" But it was orange. So let me tell you fellow members of ABW, ( Angry Birds Wiki.) YOTD Is a mix of Birds , pigs , AND Dragons.

Hmm. That's A new King Pigram... Or should i say, EMPORER PIGRAMEOUS!

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