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    My Bird Ideas

    October 28, 2013 by Dragonguy

    Hi, just a forenote saying that i only posted this blog because i wanted to share my ideas and all of the are my own personal ideas, although i bet other people have thought up the same ones.

    1)            A magnet bird that, when tapped, attracts all metal objects near it within a certain radius. As i haven't yet uploaded any images, ill just tell you the colour scheme. It'll be red and white -each colour depicting a pole- with a beak that somehow looks like a horseshoe magnet.

    2)            A drill bird that is similar shape/form as an upside-down yellow bird. when tapped, indstead of having a forward speed boost, it is boosted down and maybe has a spinning animation, like a drill. It'll be grey and has no hair, apart from that, the same a…

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