Hi, just a forenote saying that i only posted this blog because i wanted to share my ideas and all of the are my own personal ideas, although i bet other people have thought up the same ones.

1)            A magnet bird that, when tapped, attracts all metal objects near it within a certain radius. As i haven't yet uploaded any images, ill just tell you the colour scheme. It'll be red and white -each colour depicting a pole- with a beak that somehow looks like a horseshoe magnet.

2)            A drill bird that is similar shape/form as an upside-down yellow bird. when tapped, indstead of having a forward speed boost, it is boosted down and maybe has a spinning animation, like a drill. It'll be grey and has no hair, apart from that, the same as an upside-down yellow bird.

3)            A bouncy bird that doesn't need to be tapped and is just slightly fatter than the red. As it's name implies, when it hits a hard surface, breakable object or pig, it'll bounce like a rubber ball, instead of just stopping.I would like it to be purple and have similar facial features to those of the red bird.

4)           A ghost bird that is translucent at first launch, so it can pass through any object until tapped, when it becomes solid and hits the next object it touches. Its colour scheme is undecided so hopefully you can tell me what you'll want it to look like and tell everyone your own ideas.

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