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  • I live in Stella Tribe
  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is Angry Birds Aviator | Automotive Motorsports Enthusiast
  • I am a Prince. Looking for a Princess.
  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hello guys and girls!

    I am proudly presenting to you to my wiki, Nibblers! Even though it is a long way to go to shape this wiki, I hope any of you guys are bold enough to drop by and edit the walkthrough levels and the game. If you have a suggestion to this wiki, go ahead and use the message wiki in that wiki. Or just make a small edit! It does not matter! I feel that the Nibblers game need walkthrough pages loaded with infos, just like Candy Crush Saga.

    Signature:GoldenGale Your luxurious majesty!

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Understanding why

    October 21, 2016 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Stella series is down. It is hard to believe that some of us won't forget it. Now, it is time to let go of it. Their treehouses will disappear into nowhere, leaving fans questioned, and Willow, Poppy, Luca, Willow, and Gale will have a very slim chance to come back into Angry Birds POP!...


    Good news, one of the Stella characters is making a come back now, that is in Holiday. Hint: Everyone's favourite crush and royalties.

    I mean, I am talking about and

    Unconfirmed are and .

    Credit transparencies to the respective editors.

    Unconfirmed characters are 50% chances to appear in AB Holiday, other then that, Rovio will unlikely make those characters in other AB games.

    Becuase those characters appear in the movie and movie event before Stella se…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi guys and girls!

    The Angry Birds Ace Fighter is coming into an end. The game is overshadowing with some bugs however, and it was not meant to be fixed and left behind, we were given about 2 months to play the game before it set sail into the direction of the sunset, silhouetting at the sunset. We had fun times at Ace Fighter, and the frustating moments in it. Good memories don't last forever, so now we have to say goodbye to the Ace Fighter.

    The pages will never be fully complete before it takes time to complete the information. Since some of the info is left non-existent in the game, such as the final production of the game in which will be never be released.

    There will be another game by Rovio to look out for. AB Football, AB Holiday, AB …

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi guys and girls!

    Sadly to say, I am leaving this wiki for good. Nope, not leaving, but I will put it on hold, I felt that some of the pages are incomplete, and somewhat to me and you guys missed, I will be capturing some stuffs of the game and will be complied together in the page. I will do my best as much as I can. I have lack of time, since after lesson, I have 3 or 4 hours left on Monday to Thursday to focus on my schoolwork. That is very short. Sometimes it will take even longer than 2 hours, because of some understanding needed. On Friday, yes I have half of the day, but I will for the most to most upload to youtube my AB POP! Walkthrough videos. Weekends, I will be too focused on my schoolwork.

    I am very sorry, guys, I have to go bu…

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Hi there AB Fan Flock members,

    It has been the week of before September ends. I would announce unfortunately, I will be not contributing as much because I will be focusing on my schoolwork. In the month of October onwards, the term gets very intense and I may need to lay back for this wiki.

    For any urgent matters only, please leave a message on my wall.

    Signed by


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