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  • I was born on September 8
  • My occupation is playing games that are cute
  • I am sorry I won't tell you my gender. A male or a female?
  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I am very disappointed to say that on my guess, Rovio is simply not taking it seriously and/or doesn't know how to fix bugs. Discontinue all you want.

    Edit: I had enough.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I had compiled a list of the voices and the SFX in the game Angry Birds POP!

    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Bee Critter)
    (Hatchling Freed)
    (Hatchling Freed, not used)
    (Hatchling Freed, not used)

    (Not used) (Not used) (Not used)

    (Stella Star sound High quality from the ABStella game)

    Some files are

    1. skipped because Rovio hides the files deep into the package.
    2. deleted because the player cannot play the files length is too short.
    3. cut off last portion of a second.
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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    It looks like they are redesigning the game package. On previous versions there are only a few files that we are able to actually use.

    They are

    • Music files (96Hz quality)
    • OpenSans and AngryBirdsTxt.tff

    and nothing else. If you want other than these files, good luck because those are scripts for the game.

    Now we are able to get behind the scenes, there are

    audio folder:

    • Upgraded quality music
    • In game SFX
    • Birds' voices

    images folder:

    • wp (left menu)
    • tutorial (tutorial images)
    • other (there is Red and Chuck join the flock image)
    • login (art menu)
    • intro (pre level screen icons)
    • gates (map icons)

    There is a problem now. Those pictures are not jpg friendly. These pictures are in webp file extension. You have to come up a way for this.

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    Character Match

    April 19, 2017 by PrinceGoldenGale

    Willow - Riko Sakurauchi

    Gale - Yoshiko Tsushima

    Red - Dia Kurosawa

    The Blues - Nozomi Tojo

    Bubbles - Ruby Kurosawa

    Stella - Chika Takami

    Poppy - Mari Ohara

    Luca - Hanayo Koizumi

    Bomb - Honoka Kousaka

    Matilda - Chika's mother

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  • PrinceGoldenGale

    I will be mainly focusing on the Angry Birds POP events and no other games. I had lost interest (we knew that the Angry Birds bandwagon wouldn't last and starting to fall apart for the popularity sometime ago). I might leave on April, because it will be a final year with the intense study, projects, tons of papers and meet with the working industry people. (Fully back in 2022?) Other free times, I might add in leftovers in the articles.

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