Holy molly! I did quite an impressive run on the show. I have being updating the Angry Birds POP! page since I have edited the first time (sorry, I did not remember the last time I edited the first page, I had removed the automated message, lost some track)

Originally wanted to help and get the wiki pages in a top condition. Unfortunately there are ups and downs I have went through. From the start, I did not know much about it, I was just doing basic editing. I went on to do harder stuff, willing to take risks. There are some rules broken, however, I am seriously admitted and always committed to find out what went wrong. We are humans you know, we made mistakes and learn the correct way.

I did not initially wanted to be a staff member, and even if I do, I denied to be one as I thought of losing one opportunity to be. Without the further hesitation, some admins had come back and rescue the last struggle of this Wiki.

Thanks for the support given, I was given an opportunity to be a staff member, I am fitted for both update users and article improver.

So why did I chose Article Improver?

I have been editing and filling more content, I did some of the update users assignment, I should be taking this. Why?

Update users: Official news from Rovio Refernces Walkthrough pages, it is part of the rule assignment) Do not miss out the new content.

Without referencing, it is like not congratulating the person's hard work, permission and considered somewhat stealing.

Even though I did some of these, I did not qualify because I do not go into future Rovio's games. However, I am doing it as a side assignment. I am ore on filing up information.

Alright signing off, Signature: GoldenGale

Good night zzzz

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