More people are needed.

The staff is lacking of active users and we need more to step it in and be ready for more. We need more people. If there are more, the better, because we do not need to work even harder to keep this wiki afloat.

My diary

Ok, do you want to know my diary for today? Usually, I write my diaries on my phone.

That was the first part.

Ok, sit closer, but not too close in a group.

Let's begin.

Yesterday night, Miserable to see that my phone kept crashing. I have lost all my data (thankfully there's a backup, some are lost in the process) because the system corrupted. Ouch. To be honest, my mind went blank, I had to reset the phone, I thought the phone will clear its problems, suddenly a pesky situation got even worse.

Btw, not a total phone technology geak savy. Oh Dahlia.

I had to use another phone and find an app to record my game and not many good recorders to install as compared to my old phone.

Then I had came across an app that finally records with no restrictions. I find this laggy and no hiding menus. I got annoyed when AB POP! was installed, the ads appeared. I did an IAP on my previous phone. Does not sync. Too bad, better than nothing, I had to insert these videos into the AB POP!Walkthrough pageby a choice and my old phone now resting in the grave. Attempting to revive it. Now stuck at it.

I am tired..zzzz... my eyes are blinking now. Good night

Signature:GoldenGale Your highness luxury majesty! Any magic questions?

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