Today I had faced a slight techical problem. Did I?

1. Looks like the infobox no longer understands its functionality of recognising colored backgrounds. I am disappointed with that. Someone removed it. However, it can only be set by one specific color. I hope for a return in the future.

2. However, I had done a good job on filling the AB Movie characters and for the past walkthroughs. I was the one who step on it. Without Bp101967 (Templates), and myself, the wiki will not stay float as before, especially the AB POP! Walkthrough pages. Before my take over position of the ABPOP! Walkthrough page, it was just dark and empty, no user roster duty.

3. It was just the beginning of the promotion on the Article Improver. I need to work my way through, however, who knows I might be on my own fully, good times may not last forever. I might be a Bru-crat in the future, I will stay as my username, wearing the Golden crown. I did not expect that, but I need to prepare for these situtations. I need to take in great active contributors to do their assignments and work as a community. Not halfway and be gone. Even if I am away from Wikia for some not controlled by me situations, I will keep Aqua and Bp101967 and some of you in my heart. Wherever I go, I will meet people like these, they are great people.

4. It is getting tougher for me because i got to revamp some pages and putting into AB POP! Walkthrough and fix broken code link, e.g. Matilda to Matilda and not an easy task to be on the computer screen and my phone for almost a whole day including a rest of only 6 hours. Aqua is doing some image processing and me doing AB POP!, a very long, winding road. I will not sure when I will stop and AB POP! game will stop updating and discontinue? No, Please don't! My dream game!  Hopefully I am able to complete. Not an easy task again. However, I still like my assignment. I am not employed, but I still enjoyed this place.

5. I am not a robot, but I am a human. It takes time to improve each pages.

6. In between shifts of Aqua and Bp, I am a lone staff memner, They had done for the day, I am doing an overtime work

7. Once if I am done reaching Area 2-5 in Angry Birds Figh!, I am going to screenshot the items in arena and upload it. Yep, data lost.

Yawn...It is 8.15+ PM here, I am very sleepy.

My favourite phrase to use,

Alright signing off,

Signature: GoldenGale

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