It's Thursday! I was fully rested, and I am back to AB POP! Walkthrough page.

I was:

Completing level 12,

Expanding AB Movie characters,

Expanding Fight! skill and equipments.

Of course, some clean-ups.

1. Level 12 has opened its gates as I had fully constructed the page walkthrough. Anyone may read it!

2. The AB Fight items list is not complete. I have done the transparencies of the AB Fight skills. Unfortunely, some new items are not present. I will upload tomorrow.

3. The AB Movie characters base is almost complete. Anyone may expand it if known.

4. Infobox. It was frustating to make it work. Of course, I have to understand it. I just managed to make it work minutes after Bp left. Supposed to display a glass image. Now it's just a relief. It's funny, the classic editor does not work. The new visual editor does work.

5. I am going to put a base on Angry Birds POP! Level 13 for today, and tomorrow completing it. I will be opening more pages for everyone to view it.

Alright signing off,

Signature: GoldenGale

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