Hi guys and girls!

Today I am going to talk about Angry Birds Fight! It have even a hectic week since the start of the Sakura pig with the limited time only Mecha pig. It has been a tough fight in the ranking leaderboard. However, ranking items are very useful now. Matilda's samba necklace. Angry Panel appears randomly. Even if you can't make it, you will at least having a Sliver grade Samba neckacle which is better than most Angry Panel skill equipment are bronze. Higher than bronze are those equipments which is harder to get by the way.

Spin-off topic: I had made my creations with Chuck on a piece of paper. Nope, not a piece of paper, but it is not an angry birds based game. However I had used Angry Birds Chuck to stick into my design.

Fishfins Chuck Aventador (Do not reuse)


I may relate Chuck as a fast car! So I made it! (I had used the old classic design to make one)

Hope you will like it!

Continue to get angry!


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