Listen up!

After a month of waiting, the Angry Birds Ace Fighter was released in a second phase testing (OBT)! However, the game was only released in Asia unfortunately, it was focus mainly in Southeast Asia. Participating countries include Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Indonesia.

The game server will be starting <span style today, 8.00PM Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia time. Fasten your seat belts and ready for a take-off in Angry Birds: Ace Fighter!

First impression;

The cutscene intro was awesome! From the train transforming a pig into Red , Chuck and The Blues flinging themselves to get the pigs from stealing the eggs and into a flight!

Stella will be guiding you in the tutorial.

You will be in the sign in main page. All you have to do is to sign in and tap play! First tings first, the app requires updating, so strongly recommend to proceed with Wi-Fi! After it was done, it was shown to be the server closed and it will open it's doors on 8.00PM tonight!

Will update once if the server opened its doors!

Alright signing off,

Signature: GoldenGale

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