Once again, I had finished my 545 levels at the same time took the crown back stolen from the leaderboard, frustation and anger even at the slightest sight of not giving the correct bubble colour in gameplay. Why? The system keeps throwing me bubbles randomly what is on the visible playing field! Seriously? Most games are using this code? I know you can't expect to have a perfect game that is way too easy. If you reduced the colour pack yourself not by the powerups, then the code will gives you 2 different colours if you have bubbles with 2 colours left, and if you have one bubble covered with smoke cloud you are not going anywhere without a fight and the system just gives you a confusing colour. this is kind of intense!

So what do I do now? Rewind! Finish the previous levels with 3 stars! Wait for the new-limited bird! Only 2 was left to be featured! What will Rovio do after finishing it? Will start back into The Blues! If I am not mistaken, Bubbles will appear on Halloween as a 30 day time limited bird! Better not take it seriously, because I am not a fortune teller, and I am not working at Rovio also, at least Red is wearing that Halloween costume! Time will tell!

Chao from me and stay poppin'!


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