Alright. Since now I am baffled by how I cannot get the last star in the Lagoon Gale level, the points won't just bump without a fight. As I recover my lost life, let's hop into another game, Angry Birds Fight!

AB Fight is the first game that I am brave and dare to challenge people around the world. Massively online matches to progress the game. It also has a bunch of silly weapons humor from Epic, and that cake hat, yummy! Guess what! I am going to name it EatsCake. Or Yummy. Or whatever you can think of? As long as you do use a name like mine! My name is Jessica! Or John! Just kidding. Just the eatscake. You name it, you won't get banned anyway for excessive changing of nickname! I got in a situation where I can't think of am I have to fit in my brainy brain to figure out who am I supposed to be. Deserts! Good stuff!

Photo 1

No equipments?

Photo 2

No, not just one! Everything!

Now I am all ready! Let's dive into the world of AB Fight! Match 3 game just like the others, what is the big deal? Match but with Red and Red you will get a x2 boost! Match 4 with Red and Red and trigger a sabotage and clog panels with square wooden block. Sabotaged? Press on it! It however makes me lose concentration and I have to reset my coordination again.

After the equal, What will the effected by sabotage sees (What will the sabotage trigger help the panels)

Red = Random Wooden panel. What? Trapping foes inside it? (Clears Red Panel)

Chuck = Random row of mole as himself dashing. How rude. (Clears a row)

The Blues = Paints some greenish slime randomly. Lovely painting of the pranksters. (Clears random panel)

Bomb = Greyscale panel. Kaboom! Short fused. Bomb's away! (Clears surrounding area)

Matilda = Bad egg. Digging down one column of mole again. (Clears in three columns below it)

Stella = Bubble blockers. Yay! Bubble party! I can't see a thing. (Pushes the panel away)

There is no right or wrong about choosing a character becuase if you leave one behind they will start making funny angry noises and feel restless. Learn to balance the equation.

Photo 3


Stella has low Life points but the attack and defense well distributed, Your panel matching must be good enough. Otherwise you need to have at least a S rank health item to ease it a little bit. Matilda has a very low defense and attack higher than defense but still low. Very high to the health like a reinforced armor tank. 550 Health? What will you say? Fat! Thick fat! The eggs in the Matilda's body structure is hard to break!

(Both) / Defense is in intact = (draw) / win

Same Life points = draw

Monster events are a 30 second battle. No 45 seconds and you got to be fast. If you are too slow, well, sinking titanic ship happens.

Why would you not being in with no equipments? Seriously? Are you lost? Oppenents are way too tough without those! Unless you wanted to test your skills.

Alright then, be sure to keep on a lookout for updates!


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