Hello there the AB fan flock members,

There are some theories that I have made it up for the Stella characters.

In the past, we knew in v1.8,0, the Stella name was removed to rename the game as Angry Birds POP! due to the fact the former game Angry Birds Stella was discontinued.

v2.3.0 indicates the replacement of Drop the Pigs levels from Stella to Red and Piggy in the Middle with Dahlia to Chuck and end off with her time-limited event before she was removed.

In Thanksgiving, Bomb pays a visit for 2 weeks and was removed.

Luca for his treehouse update with 20 days.

In Valentines Day Picnic, goes the same with Matilda for 2 weeks.

Then the Hatchlings for the movie event.

The Blues appear as summer treats for a limited time of 2 weeks in Lost at the Sea update.

Gale was removed and replaced by King Pig and was available to play as the playable character for 2 weeks.

And now, Poppy and Willow was removed and replaced by Bomb and Matilda respecitvely. Both of them Willow and Poppy, unlike the previous updates, aren't started to have time-limited event of each birds before they were removed?

Now, theory again. There are two possible ways:

1. Will the Stella characters be scrapped? This will make the game to look more Angry Birds main series than Stella series. That means Dahlia, Luca, Willow and Poppy will "no longer exist and they are called used to have Angry Birds characters". They might bring other Angry Birds characters as time-limited birds or none at all.

2. Otherwise, the duo will be transformed as time-limited birds, and replacing each powerups as their own. I can say, the Stella characters will merge into Angry Birds series. Or not, maybe, we are not too sure for this game's future.

As of now, the game update is now Hamhock Homles. I am guessing after this update, surprises may come after it.

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