Now, there is a clear rule of the Article Comments. Many people left the wiki and strength was reduced drastically, the intense heat of schoolwork for most of you out there.

We will heighten the policies for Article Comments since there are some users comment on the article about the game and not the page. This is called Spam. Meaning not related. Period.

Do not in (example only) Stella page, comment about the Stella bird being weak, cute, giving less points in the game or whatever. If you comment on the Stella  page size should be medium and not small, it is fine.

You will now be warned for the next offence. And, for the second time, or third time, you will be suspended (blocked) by the admins. No kidding.

Does not mean many people left the wiki will be encouraged you guys to spam. We do not have to chase after for spam to be reported and be removed.

Instead, do in it your blog posts. Nobody will be stopping you there! It is a playground for all your comments and your opinions! (Unless you wrote in there some filthy stiff will be asked to remove or blocked. Be like a young adult like a gentleman or a lady.)

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