Right now, am I doing now is the transparencies and the updates for the Angry Birds 2.

The AB2 page was only Characters, Chapters and Trivia so far at the time before I came in for more information about the game. The list was not updated, the Arena information was missing from the start, daily quest, chests, or maybe I shall say, gems, because gems are the integral core of the AB2, which is currency for the game. Do not expect me to finish it up sooner, because there are less people here.

I may not have the time for the AB Ace Fighter pictures... Makes me sad now, I need to fill in more information about the AB2 page.

Oh no! Am I late, that lil bird Luca is going away soon! Please, no Luca, don't level me just yet! I have not done the walkthroughs for the Luca levels 16 and beyond! I was originally planned to do a walkthrough for areas 2 and 3, however, I am running out of time for it. I can't push this task to others.

I am the one who does the AB POP! most and mainly, however, at least 3 people does the work, not good enough, we need at least 5 or more people to keep the AB Ace Fighter page updated. My eyes are soring now...

I am going to write a diary today.

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