FANON STORY Please do not treat it as a canon. It was neither info given by Rovio or its affiliates.

This is a fanon recount takes place by me. I had stayed over at Stella's treehouse.


  • Myself
  • Stella
  • Poppy
  • Willow
  • Luca
  • Dahlia
  • Gale
  • Minon Pigs


The scene slowly starts rolling in. The sky was blanketed with clouds, raining cats and dogs, blowing ominous wind. The sea was filled with loads of thrash. A box of crate, plastic bags, some natural tree branches. It was sometime in the early morning.

"Someone please help me! I can't breathe! Someone? Anyone? I seriously need a need of help!" No one seems to answer. I was struggling to breathe and every last of it. However, the wave started to roll by and crashed onto me. My eyes started to close and my beak was open, drowning underwater. The scene fades to black.

Opens up into the next morning, the Golden Island was inhabited by Stella and her friends. Critters were there, in different colors, shapes and sizes. The minion pigs was also there.

Poppy takes a walk on the beach. Stella came by rushing and said that it was going to be fun. Not sure what is Stella is up to, maybe Stella wanted Poppy to both run an errand. They walked by, and saw me being landed, lying unconsciously. I can't barely breathe, I have somehow managed to survive the intense wave! Both shocked and went onto me. "Are you okay? You look like you aren't well." Stella was trying to get me to speak up. Fortunately I can't talk or beak out a single word. "He was once attacked by a mysterious creature and threw him out into the sea!" Poppy joked. "Shut your beak Poppy! Can't you see that this bird here is seriously injured!" Stella was fueled with rage. She can't stand on Poppy's jokes. For now. She knows it was very serious and she needs to help me. Like an emergency.

Stella called Dahlia over to transport me into her treehouse. "Oh dear, how was happened to him?" "He was washed out of the ocean. I hoped he was okay. I was worried for him..."

"It seems that he has gone a cold and a flu. He must be given a rest and must be monitored." Dahlia was justifying Stella about my condition.


Stella and Poopy left and went onto their activities.

I woke up a moment later in shock.

Dahlia: "It's okay. You are alright."

Me: "Where am I? How did I ended up here?"

Dahlia: "You are inside my treehouse."

Me: "I don't know you."

Dahlia: "Of course you don't know me, I'm Dahlia!"

Me: "Dah..ila.. "

After constant medication and an enough rest, I was free to go. Unfortunately, I don't have a house to stay anywhere else. Dahlia couldn't say anything much but in the piggy island was not safe. There were too many disasters going on. I had no choice but to stay with Stella and friends.

I got the memo.

Stella was just back from the beach with Poppy. They had collected some seashells. They are glorious and if you were to open it, you could see a shining pearl that was guarded by it. My eyes starts to sparkle too!

If I were to pick anyone of them..Wait, I judged too early I supposed. She was settling her stuff and Poppy was thinking of something by the looks of her expression.

Now it is time to find a new cozy home to stay. Dahlia informed me that since Gale left. I am in for staying at her treehouse. You knew how it look like, I don't need to do a tour with you.

Purple blanket, picture of a Gale in the frame, well. Do I look like her? Absolutely not. Some of her toys was left behind.

(TBC) Stay tuned for episode 2!

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