I had done with my Luca's sonic pop blast mania, completed Luca's treehouse since about one week ago! That little fella has gone out of his place that is. Totes! Now he is, I decided to continue my adventure with Stella, pop the top mania completing every top the pop levels in sequence. I had improved my scores! What a tremendous effort! Endless of hours improving my score at the same time getting an extra star awarded while resting for a full tank of lives when hearts are finished.

Anyways,I give up that rountine and I decided to star out all 3 including forest haven, beach party, waterfall, caves, mountain, lagoon, so on so forth. Some requires you to have free boosts. I have to complete the carat gold before the 3 star in one area challenge slips. Like 90 Carat Gold!

Level 65- almost to 3 stars! Should I just give it up and soar away with 2 stars instead? I can do better! Replay once or even nore and you will deserve it better. Just like the original Angry Birds!

Smoke cloud? That is a big issue because it makes you guess the bubble colour! If you look at after the first Gale level, you will play that first level with first scattered with rows of smoke cloud, hit in between the middle with the respective colour and the above it the smoke cloud will vanish. The clue for the smoke cloud colour is sometimes next to the surrounding bubbles, so hit it with the correct colours more likely chance it will pop! Don't worry if I does not, all you have note most important thing - don't make it worse! Why? You will have a chain of bubbles preventing you from advancing towards the top and waste a few bubbles anyway! You might hit it 2x but risk losing bees buzzing around for points.

That is all I can say, Tomorrow, will Matilda or Sliver be in the next lineup for two weeks? It will be a brand new 25 levels, possible. I love this idea! Might not too but it will be named as the new Chinese New Year update maybe!

Red has been the guest star since limited time bird was introduced. Followed by the Blues. Third, Chuck. Fourth, Shakira because of the Love Rocks game. Fifth, red again, for halloween. Sixth, Dahlia, switched to her new Science Pop and she was removed. Seventh, Bomb, for Thanksgiving day. Eighth, Luca because we wondered about him and where has he been hiding. Since Stella gang has finished on the so called time limited feature back to the original flock feature, more likely will be Matilda! Or Sliver!

We will see how it goes!


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