Hi everyone! I am Fishfins as my internet user name, a daily Angry Birds POP! player, been very excited about the game and the updates whenever it arrives on my phone. I love the idea of every two weeks, you will get to choose between limited time only birds and default bird that makes it different and unique compared to the other bubble shooter games. You have different characters and kinds of special powers assigned for each of it. Since I have played this type of game before, why not I give it a try! Beautiful music, instead of jumping straight into the map selection after starting up the game, I listened to the main theme song first! Pa-ar-pa-pa, Pa-ar-pa-ta, Pa-ar-pa-ta, Stella, Stella! Especially the pop the top and defeat Gale music! Even if I failed a level, still enjoyed and the music encouraged me to complete the level. Stella has Power Pop, burst bubbles within range! Willow has Splash Pop which paints into single colour! Poppy has Line Pop that pops a row of bubbles! Red has Rock Pop which pops bubbles on its way! Chuck having Color Pop that pops the same color! It is so fun to play! I have also played Angry Birds Fight!, Angry Birds Epic, Angry Birds 2, Angry Birds Go!, Angry Birds Friends and Angry Birds Stella Slingshot which was discontinued. I wanted to keep Stella Slingshot because I need Stella's flock unite again! Well that's it for now!

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