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We have passed half of the year 2016!

I had one assignment needed to be done was the presentation. I need to reformat the slides and in chronological order. I am still tight in the schedule, needs to rehearse my lines. It is about the automotive related subject that my classmates and I have to focus on.

As a part of the Article Improver, I needs to improve stub articles as a part of the assignment. (Did I mentioned it already? I have forgotten it) Some articles, I will not dare to look at it again. Some are lonely in there! In order to fill up some infos, I have to play that game.

I am not very sure for the Ace Fighter game release, it is already mid-July. Should be either tomorrow or till 18 July.

I am also not very sure it was either Koramgame or Siamgame. Koramgame was a Hong Kong based company, and Siamgame was a Thailand based country.

I knew we will be eager waiting for it.

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