Hi guys and girls!

Sadly to say, I am leaving this wiki for good. Nope, not leaving, but I will put it on hold, I felt that some of the pages are incomplete, and somewhat to me and you guys missed, I will be capturing some stuffs of the game and will be complied together in the page. I will do my best as much as I can. I have lack of time, since after lesson, I have 3 or 4 hours left on Monday to Thursday to focus on my schoolwork. That is very short. Sometimes it will take even longer than 2 hours, because of some understanding needed. On Friday, yes I have half of the day, but I will for the most to most upload to youtube my AB POP! Walkthrough videos. Weekends, I will be too focused on my schoolwork.

I am very sorry, guys, I have to go but not really go. Aqua, Bp, Repater, Michael, Qaz, Angry Hearts, Mrs.Red Bird, Al the Emerald and others.

From after the update of the Ace Fighter page onwards, I will not come back.

Edit: I will look out for vandalism.

ABGO Sad Red

(Credit to AquaAngryBirdsFan for the sad red transparency)

See you,


When I will come back? When I write another blog announcing my comeback.

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