Version 2.0 was released on the App stores.

My first thoughts

Yes, the data will be ceased because you cannot use the old version save data below v2.0. All your data will be wiped out. If you have played Asphalt series from Gameloft, or played the older versions, you will have the already familiar controls.

What was changed from a large jump from 1.xx to 2.0,

- New Campaign modes! A redesigned campaign map allowing simpler jump into a race.
- Boxes Similar to the Asphalt 8 boxes, this provides kart parts and coins.
- New way to upgrade your karts! With the parts and coins, get some tinkering work done!

ABGO! Stella Upgrade1

However, there are no karts from the old version. The Xmas karts, Thanksgiving kart, Chinese New Year karts are gone! I found out that the game have sound bug where some of the characters' chattering gets cut halfway.

I will update it once if I am done with getting the pictures.

Alright signing off, Signature: GoldenGale

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