Greetings to the flock of Angry BIrds Wikia,

For the next two weeks starting 1 April, Minion Pigs are invading the shores of Angry Birds Fight!. No, not small, minion pigs but the minion pigs from The Angry Birds Movie! Rovio was rebranding their apps into movie style characters in the loading screens.

Angry Birds Seasons: New Loading Screen! Marie Hamtoinette!

Angry Birds Fight!: Minion Pig! (mentioned)

Angry Birds POP!: The Hatchlings!

Angry Birds Epic: New Loading Screen!

Angry Birds GO!: New Loading Screen!

Angry Birds Friends: Movie Mania

Not to mention that Angry Birds Movie are left only in one month. 2 weeks left, the flock are fullest of energy! The movie awaits!They aren't going to unwrap the presents yet!

Very soon! Or not too soon.

UPDATE 1: This time, I am a little bit brave enough. If I asked too many questions, well, no response. I am not hestiating to edit anyway about the table in Angry Birds POP! I just can't ask. If there are tools that I can use, no questions asked. I will make sure it is spick and span table of areas. I will follow the same formatting as the Angry Birds 2. Except I do not know how to change the colours of the table. I might risk myself a warning. Well, it is just a matter of choice.

Alright signing off,

Fisfins (aka GoldenGale)

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