Oh no! Boomerang has retired! It is his 4 years since he is in this wiki. So now, AquaAngryBirdsFan is the admin, and together with the new image unit user, and more positions up for grabs for vote. So, the eligiable members will be the unit. I might want it too, but takes effort...and have a very, very clean record. No blocks! No records of misbehaving!

I am still progressing the MAHOOSIVE 3 stars on the Hive. Guess what? I am still stuck and I am not giving up, and there is always tomorrow. I had collected 110 feathers and still aiming to get it.

Now, There is a new update, Hog Wash, new levels,total of 545. Left 4 days with Matilda is not an option. I am slobing and my tears shredding. Matilda....She is leaving soon to Piggy Island. She had her passport ready, and get ready to catch up on the golden feathers! (At least I had the Matilda plush toy to accompany me)

AB POPpers, get your Matilda to POP! before she slingshots her way back to Piggy Island!

Update 1 - Yay, Facebook version was updated to v1.3.0, Time Limited Birds was added! You may complete on your non mobile device! (Any device that supports flash browsing, it will be awesome especially some touch devices like the Surface Pro will provide the almost same experience as the mobile with only less levels and more real slingshot pull back, in mobile it is stretched all the way back but in facebook version it was stretched based on your touch finger or mouse.) Interestingly, the way of scoring in Facebook version seems to be odd because of the bubbles bouncing from the bees being too close. You may not get any free boost in Facebook version.

Update 2 - I had an AMAZING score, but still, why? I lost? If I win, I got 2 stars, really?

Facebook AB POP

Facebook version

Update 3 - The wikia has gone into hands of some people. Wikia admins, time to step up as some people including The Boomerang left and got into serious issue.

Stay POPPin'!


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