Hi guys and girls!

The Angry Birds Ace Fighter is coming into an end. The game is overshadowing with some bugs however, and it was not meant to be fixed and left behind, we were given about 2 months to play the game before it set sail into the direction of the sunset, silhouetting at the sunset. We had fun times at Ace Fighter, and the frustating moments in it. Good memories don't last forever, so now we have to say goodbye to the Ace Fighter.

The pages will never be fully complete before it takes time to complete the information. Since some of the info is left non-existent in the game, such as the final production of the game in which will be never be released.

There will be another game by Rovio to look out for. AB Football, AB Holiday, AB Blast! and the older game updates to look out for.

Not to worry.

I hope Rovio will once again do as good as in 2009-2015. Now, not as good anymore. If they could do something about it, coming out some plans, next time, get more ideas. What do you think by comments section below?

Signature: GoldenGale

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