When I first started playing Angry Birds Rio on X10, I was addicted to it on saving Red and the Flock and Angry Birds Star Wars. Then I played on Windows Phone for trial. I played on Note 2, Angry Birds Original. Note 4, Angry Birds Stella Pop, followed by Stella Slingshot. I started playing since Shakira update on Angry Birds Pop. This one I can't say anything more. Then come across Angry Birds Fight! I was like meh, don't try this game but with my courage, Why not I give it a go. I have installed it and played it and I am excited about the game! Match tiles to build up and fight! Gather better equipments for an edge! It looks silly when you try to fight an opponent with Bread? A cake hat? A guitar? A double decker bus as an off hand item? A double decker bus die cast version. What does it do? Increases health. Block sabotage from opponents. Don't judge a book by its cover. It will help! You may even have any nicknames in account settings! Food or even one other funny things you can come up with! can't make yourself as AngryBird. Because you will be considered impersonating as the staff member. I don't know. Moving to Angry Birds Epic! Starts from South Beach! More silly weapons, costumes and offhand items! Worth it! Different classes different types of attacks. Well I have plyed Final Fantasy on GBA but at least this is worth to try. Angry Birds GO! an Asphalt 8 Angry Birds version somewhat. You have different powers to each racer. Angry Birds 2! More action! Explosives, watching the pigs flying across the screen! An Angry Bird game keeps my problems away! Well, I think that is all for now! I am so eager for Angry Birds POP! next update maybe includes Matilda! Red, The Blues, Chuck, Bomb were already guest stars! Next, Matilda please!

I am a fan of:


Chuck (My most favourite!)

The Blues










Minion Pigs

Plush Toys that I owned currently:

Red (5 inch)

Matilda (8 inch)

Willow (5 inch)

Poppy (8 inch)

Gale (8 inch)

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