Alright, I am creating another blog article about the upcoming Angry Birds Ace Fighter.

For those of you who have not played the game, do not read this blog and wait for the open beta testing (OBT) phase. For those of you who have missed out the Chinese Beta Testing phase (CBT), don't worry. Do not download this game! Otherise, you will be sitting in the menu doing nothing! Just listening to the music! Forget it!

Just sit back at wait for the OBT!

Quote from the official Facebook page:

'Dear players, Since the CBT of <Angry Birds: Ace Fighter> started on May 31st, we have a wonderful time together! We are so appreciated that many players have kindly submitted various bugs they found to us, as well as great suggestions to the game. We will optimize and improve the new version according to your suggestions. The CBT of <Angry Birds: Ace Fighter>has been ended at 14:00 June 20th, 2016 with server closed and data deleted. Thank you for your cooperation and the OBT will be coming in the mid-July. For the exact time of the OBT, please pay attention to the notice of our official Facebook. Thank you!"

I apologize if I did spoil you guys.

There are bugs in the game! I am sure there are. They will let you. Promise. I will keep you guys posted. You should be playing Angry Birds Fight or other games for now. The gates closed tightly shut. If you are fair enough, be sure to look at the wiki page Angry Birds Ace Fighter for hints of info. For now, there is a little.

For those of you who had rewards or a purchase, a word for you:

"Dear Players, CBT have been successfully completed on 21st June, 2016. Thank you for your participation. For the top-up returns and the rewards of the CBT events, please find the rules as follows: 1. Month Card/Lifetime Card returns: During the CBT, players who have purchased the Month Card or the Lifetime Card will receive a new Month Card/Lifetime Card in return in the OBT. 2. Diamond returns: According to the diamonds you have purchased in the CBT, you will receive 120% of it in return. The diamonds that the system presented after your top-up will not be included. 3. CBT Task Rewards: During the CBT, players who reached lvl 40 can receive the rewards. Notes: 1. When the OBT starts, only the players who use their CBT accounts to login the OBT server 1 (S1), could receive the above rewards in return. 2. If you have used a guest account in the CBT, please send a message to us in the Facebook with your CBT character name and your OBT character name or the character ID, we will send the rewards to your OBT account. 3. The above rewards will be distributed from the 3rd day after the OBT begins."

Reference: [1]

Signature: GoldenGale

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