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While waiting for the next update

Hello fellow AB POP! players!

AB POP! 3 stars is a daunting task to complete and the Hive superstar is just plain difficult because you can't seem to get it! I just need to that third star. The bar is not filing up and lazy to get into that is just plain evil! Anyways I just TOTES don't get it. Really? Why? Without a free boost I will fail a level, and with it, I am able to finish but that third star, totes not!

Well I have finished my areas all the way to Lagoon with 3 stars. The first critters level on the Hive just don't seem to cut it. Everytime.

Willow's expression

Someone please make a meme picture of this!


My mind thoughts:

Me: Rovio, are you sure you are doing this? Are you sure do you need to set the score REALLY that high? 

Rovio: Calm down, that is called challenge!

Me: .....

Me: Only a handful of people will achieve this! If they lose too much even with free boosts, it will make them a total defeat!

Me: Please!

Me: *Cries sliently on my mind

Well no doubt they wouldn't change it. Rovio haven't respond my messages since the last time I sent a report about the Facebook issue. I think they are irriated by my requests. I think IF I REALLY CAN'T, I will just wait for Matilda.

Keep checking back here for more updates!


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