It have been sometime since waiting for the new update. I shouldn't do silly things, (asking anyone) because they don't know! Anyways I have enjoyed the new Matilda update! No, then? Luca! He's must have been hiding in the Golden Island and no one knows? Oh gosh! He is just at his tree house playing some toys! And fireworks! Swish! He is available for two weeks and you will not be able to find Luca as he has escaped! New 20 levels! Luca could be your speaker for your music player! Oh wait! That's even louder than your average speaker! He has a special pop: Sonic Pop! He has Soundwave shock in the Stella Slingshot before! He is super cute! He is spinning round, laughing whenever I got streaks or freeing the critters! His sonic pop drop the bubbles. Super cute when I break my streak or full of bubbles so the game shifted up! I heard his scream but it was softer than I think. In game levels have a background of Luca's treehouse. That means Red, Stella, Poppy, Chuck, Willow, Piggies and Gale are here to play! Let me list it out for the Sonic Pop benefits:


Useful for removing bubbles that obstructing the way so that you may shoot at the bubbles above it.

Useful in Piggy in The Middle because you have removed some bubbles similar the Chuck's Color Pop, but only a few bubbles and drop any bubbles.



Does not add to your remaining bubbles

Does not drop stones and other helping or harmful objects in the field.

Super loud scream on special pop hit. (No.) Or not loud enough. (Please don't tell Rovio about this!)

Well Matilda maybe after January 28. Her pop? Not known yet, at least I got Luca and may use him to collect golden feathers.

Oh well, that's all for today.


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