"WHAT DOES BUBBLES SAY??" (Just pretend your listening to "What does a Fox say?") "Red goes AHHHH! The Blues go "he he he!" Chuck goes *chuck pretends he's handsome.* Bomb goes BOOOM!! Matilda goes POP! Hal goes RAHHH! Terence goes ...Hrmmm Stella goes Blah Blah! But there's a sound that no one knows... WHAT DOES BUBBLES SAY?! BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB!! BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB! BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB BLUB! WHAT DOES BUBBLES SAY?!"

Do you like it? I give credit to my little brother. He thought of the idea. :) Anyway, Keep on Slinging and Ham On!

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