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What I think of Angry Birds in 2013

In 2013 we have a new cartoon series that is Angry Birds Toons 

but there is some faults (thaat are my opinions)

one fault is missing some characters (moustace pig,Al,Bubbles)

fault #2 is (for me) king pig's shape that I don't like,I suggest they should have the king pig how he looked in year of the dragon short and the hamOween short 

fault #3 is white bird and why I don't like that is because it looks like the one in the Hogs and kisses logo minus the bow and lipstick and pink belly how I would perfer her is like the game (yellow cheeks and looking less girly)

now for the faults of angry birds (all games)

1 how the green bird and white bird sprites changed (i'd rather perfer the older sprites) 

2 chef pig y u no in game 

3 black bird is has no white spot

4 Change the Space theme back to the original

5 Bubbles is larger than a blue bird (in game)

6 Al or Bubbles should have been Lando (seriously chuck is already han solo)

7 large pig has barley been seen after Fat Pig came out (I didn't see it in pictures) where is the 3rd largest minion pig!?

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