yes this is me and for all of you who who think white bird is male i think that the same (yep white bird is a guy in my opinion)

why white bird is FEMALE (for those who don't like to add creative changes)

  • her name is Matilda
  • She looks female in angry birds toons
  • she lays eggs
  • They are a hen

why white bird is MALE (who still thinks this)

  • the egg take up their body
  • the egg is a BOMB!
  • if Stella has eyelashes (as usual female characters do) why does white bird not have any!?
  • in star wars white bird has a male role as C3P0

maybe white bird is male and female but let us refer white bird as an IT 

the felmale white bird on the hogs and kisses logo can be another white bird 

when the icon was a female red bird I thought (red is not male?) and 15 levels later i saw red and his wife 

white bird can be male too if red has a female counterpart

enjoy this drawing (click the link) (for you people who think white bird is male)

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