• Inqisitor

    New Pigs and Birds

    March 9, 2015 by Inqisitor

    Here I am going to lay out new pigs and birds. Some I invented from scratch, while others - a parody of something. Here are collected the various fictional characters - Bad Piggies and Angry Birds! And each has its own history and characteristics. Also, do not be afraid to spread their ideas! Maybe they will be Completed!

    Vampire - evil bloodsucker ... he scares all Pig-City ... What he wants from all of us?

    Thief - cunning pig very clever! He stole your computer and you have not noticed!

    Doctor - this pig ready medicines and feeds all your pills!

    Magician - magician, magician, a chocolate! Our magician and cook more, like this! He goes out to his house in the swamps. Where there shokoload and burns oink-hearth!

    Robot - the pig iron does not work! …

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