Here I am going to lay out new pigs and birds. Some I invented from scratch, while others - a parody of something. Here are collected the various fictional characters - Bad Piggies and Angry Birds! And each has its own history and characteristics. Also, do not be afraid to spread their ideas! Maybe they will be Completed!

Pigs and Birds

Vampire - evil bloodsucker ... he scares all Pig-City ... What he wants from all of us?

Thief - cunning pig very clever! He stole your computer and you have not noticed!

Doctor - this pig ready medicines and feeds all your pills!

Magician - magician, magician, a chocolate! Our magician and cook more, like this! He goes out to his house in the swamps. Where there shokoload and burns oink-hearth!

Robot - the pig iron does not work! He's just a pile of metal!

Holy Moustache - Common Barbel, who put themselves golden circle.

Super Pig - this will save you all Hogs! Probably.

Wisard - the magician like a mage, but his house is in the snow!

Horror - oo-oo-oo! Helluin from it blows!

Zombie Bomb - Bomb turned into zombies!

Matilda-Cook - Matilda found an old apron, and decided to become a chef! But what she had prepared for the Red's?

Jake Hero - Jake wants to be a superhero! He wore a suit Super Birds ...

Bubbles-Lord - the sweet tooth wanted to become the ruler of candy! He stole the crown and become King ... how to govern.

Dino-Hal - Hal Wis Oig turned in such a lizard. Now boomerang still and fear ...

Yabird-Hal - Hal decided to cheer just detonated a bomb, and therefore put a suit. Bombs noted excellent taste Green.

Galaxy Pig - we do not know how it happened, but she has a tummy full beastly Way.

Harpy Pig - Greek pig came up with the harpy. That's all.

Executioner - also known as the "watermelon Slayers." He cuts watermelons. And it sells.

Genie - the pig grants wishes. Probably.

Gnome - the pig is the hood and look for the golden eggs!

Zombie Claus - this zombie late for Helluin now come for Christmas!

Corporal Claus - Shlemak dressed in Santa and went to steal the eggs ...

King Claus - surprising, but the King decided to repeat for the corporal. But what happens if the birds will see two Santa Claus?

Red-Snowman - Blue birds decided to make a joke and put on Red's bucket, carrots and two sticks stuck. To whom now he looks like?

Snowman Pigs - beautiful SnowPig! And made him Chef! He ordered King ...

Terence Frost - hou hou hou! And a bottle of rum! No, Terence will not sing this song swinish. He will not sing at all.

Hryuntik Pig - Christmas all become good, that's Hryuntik decided to ask the snout to the houses for the homeless pigs!

Russian Pig - every Finn and Pig knows that this Russian Pig. But Russian pig knows that this Homo Piggies.

Skeletony - this stupid skeleton serves as a vampire. He's just a slave!

Yabird Claus - this bird to chronicles of the ancient legends of the cave. According to rumors, onn carries gifts ...

Red-Steve - put on a shirt, took a pickaxe, mined stone, hacked Pig Edges and went to sleep.

Red-Herobrine - put the lens, built a pyramid, created a trap and went to sleep.

Zombies - this pig so stupid that already forgot your shirt!

Skeleton - that is all that remains of a pig ...

Steepeyebrows - this porcine beautiful red eyebrows. The best eyebrows in Pig-City!

Rancor - bred such Jabba the Hut's all there ... and it would be better cats anymore!

Cannibal Pig - he's hungry! Do not be greedy, feed it!

Tony Athens - Spartans are coming! Tony, save us! So, Tony, a performance, why are you silent?

Tony-Cyborg - and how you call? Lard Vader?

Avraam Linpork - he made a revolution in Pig-City. And everyone thought it was George Washinhog ...

George Wahsinhog - jumping on a battleship! Democracy was going to build!

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