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  • KingRighteous

    For Contributers who are reading this, i have made a new Wiki, it be a honor if you help my Wiki by adding Pictures, adding Pages, creating Blogs, etc. So could you please help my Wiki heres the link:

    So please help the Wiki, it be a honor

    P.S ill be giving people Admin who come and help the Wiki, they must be responcible, trustworthy, nice, and is always a helping hand, oh and if your coming just for Admin then i wont allow Admin.

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  • KingRighteous


    May 27, 2012 by KingRighteous

    I found out today that this Wiki is now on the Wiki homepage, to see this Wiki on the home page follow these two easy steps,

    1. press "Wikia"
    2. Keep pressing "Remix" until you find a picture of a Angry Bird with the words "Angry Birds Wiki"
    3. once you find it your done!

    Hope you find it, if you do let everyone know 5 users at least write a Blog on how this Wiki is on the Homepage,

    Thanks for reading the Blog, remember, 5 users let everyone know about our Wiki being on the Homepage!

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  • KingRighteous


    April 15, 2012 by KingRighteous

    I was looking for a picture of all the Angry Birds on a site to add to the gallery on this site but then i came across this picture:

    IS THIS PROOF OF A NEW BIRD!? Leave comments below for what you think!

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  • KingRighteous

    Angry Bird Ideas

    April 8, 2012 by KingRighteous

    Here some Angry Bird ideas!:

    Blue Jay Bird: It similar to the Blue Bird but instead it splits into 4 instead and it has the strength of 4 Red bird when spliting to 4, it only appears in levels with difficult defense that involves Stone or Wood, and even though they are similar to the Blue Bird they are bad at Glass.

    Fire Bird: It is a bird with the fire element, it burns Wood when launched at it, and melts Ice(Glass) when launched but it can't destroy stone,it also explodes when launched and has the strength of a 3 Red Birds, it only appears in difficult levels that involves Wood and Glass.

    Egg: You are probably thinking "Wait, an egg as a angry bird will be a bad idea" well not really, the egg is a rare angry bird found in only difficult lev…

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  • KingRighteous

    Pig Ideas

    March 12, 2012 by KingRighteous

    Heres Some Pig Ideas!:

    • WartHog: Has the strength of a King Pig and its hairy with tusks.
    • Giant Pig: It is giant and holds a giant drum stick to eat and has the strength of 3 or 2 King Pigs.
    • PostMan Pig: It is just like a Large Pig but it replaces itself with a Small Pig once killed.
    • Prince Pig: The son of the King Pig it has the strength of 2 Helmet Pigs.
    • King Pig II: The second King Pig it has the strength of 3 King Pigs and 2 Helmet Pigs.
    • Box Pig: It has the strength of 2 Large Pigs and has a cardboard box as a shield.
    • Robo-Pig: A robot pig that has the strength of 3 Helmet Pigs but can be only killed by Big Brother Bird, Black Bird, or the Mighty Eagle.
    • Fake King Pig: It is a Large Pig with a cardboard crown that looks like a real crown.

    Well t…

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