Here some Angry Bird ideas!:
Blue Jay

The BlueJay Bird *note its appearence is similar to Mordecai from "Regular show"

Blue Jay Bird: It similar to the Blue Bird but instead it splits into 4 instead and it has the strength of 4 Red bird when spliting to 4, it only appears in levels with difficult defense that involves Stone or Wood, and even though they are similar to the Blue Bird they are bad at Glass.

Fire Bird: It is a bird with the fire element, it burns Wood when launched at it, and melts Ice
Fire Bird

The Fire bird

(Glass) when launched but it can't destroy stone,it also explodes when launched and has the strength of a 3 Red Birds, it only appears in difficult levels that involves Wood and Glass.

Egg: You are probably thinking "Wait, an egg as a angry bird will be a bad idea" well not really, the egg is a rare angry bird found in only difficult levels, it can be used 2 times, the first time it will be in its egg state when launched it has the strength of 1 Blue Bird but when the egg hits the ground or structure then a bird will be seen flying back to the Slingshot but theres a price when brought back to the Slingshot it turns into a random bird but if you are on a level that you can't pass 5 times or if you restart 8 times the egg will either turn into a Black Bird or a Big Brother Bird.

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