Newspaper piggie

The newspaper says more Piggys yay!

Heres Some Pig Ideas!:

  • WartHog: Has the strength of a King Pig and its hairy with tusks.
  • Giant Pig: It is giant and holds a giant drum stick to eat and has the strength of 3 or 2 King Pigs.
  • PostMan Pig: It is just like a Large Pig but it replaces itself with a Small Pig once killed.
  • Prince Pig: The son of the King Pig it has the strength of 2 Helmet Pigs.
  • King Pig II: The second King Pig it has the strength of 3 King Pigs and 2 Helmet Pigs.
  • Box Pig: It has the strength of 2 Large Pigs and has a cardboard box as a shield.
  • Robo-Pig: A robot pig that has the strength of 3 Helmet Pigs but can be only killed by Big Brother Bird, Black Bird, or the Mighty Eagle.
  • Fake King Pig: It is a Large Pig with a cardboard crown that looks like a real crown.
Large Pig

Yay More Piggys!


Yes! More Pigs!

Well thats all give me your ideas in the comments below.

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